Yes We Can

Picture from the 1950’s; originally a lumberyard and supply store.
Hover to see as it appears today; four buildings occupy the block.

The Mission

Our mission is to delight our clients with creativity, accurate production and timely delivery. We strive to not only meet your expectations, we strive to exceed them.

The Mentality

A “Yes We Can” attitude was instilled into the company by the founder, Cal Stewart. Due to that mentality, our company has been able to flourish into what it is today.

The Mark

We are proud of the positive impact our services have had on the Lincoln area since 1885 and we are forever grateful for the friends we have made along the way, thank you.


Fair pricing and always great service!

Jason Keese

I’ve been here over four years and the color and print quality has never looked even close to this good.

James Mccarville

Great Company 😀

Our Journey

The Nebraska Printing Center of today has formed from over 140 years of growth and acquisition in the industry. We trace our earliest roots back to 1885, to a local newspaper called the Bennet Sun.

Christian Petersen founded Petersen Typographers in 1917. Little had changed in the way the Lincoln typesetting house operated over its history when
Nebraska Printing Center acquired it in 1991. At that time the company was revamped and upgraded, starting the trend that moved it toward becoming the state-of-the art service bureau.

In 1946, Cal Stewart laid his Army Air Corp uniform aside and began work at a midwestern newspaper, The O’Neill Frontier. On occasion, he reminisced about the days when he and Larry Frisch (another NPC employee) would come so close to delivery deadline that they literally would throw bundles of newspapers out of Cal’s WWII Jeep while driving alongside railcars heading outstate from the O’Neill depot.

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Cal built a web printing plant in Lincoln, Nebraska and began operating SUN Newspapers in 1961. That plant operation exists to this day, and has expanded and upgraded to include commercial print production of retail advertising inserts, newspapers, and trade publications.

In 1982, Cal retired and placed the reins of the business into the hands of his son Scott. Scott has steered the growth and expansion of the business into the full-service printing company it is today.

In 1994 sheet-fed press capabilities were added to the menu of products offered at Nebraska Printing Center.

In 1997 “Lion Art” was launched, which is our display graphics division, offering oversized, short-run printed products such as posters, banners and vehicle graphics. We were the first company in the Lincoln area to offer grand format printing products.

Today, we draw our strength from the experience of generations past and an understanding of printing technology. Our love of our work and our devotion to producing quality products that meet or exceed your expectations is a testimony to that strength. Our mission is to delight our clients with creativity, accurate production and timely delivery.

As we look to the future we will continue to look to new technology and new industry trends for ways to offer our clients superior products at a greater value. We are committed to staying “at the top” and empowering those who choose to work with us by sharing the benefits of our investments and the lessons that our years of experience have taught us.

Cal Stewart

Christian Peterson